Friday, June 27, 2014

Web thing 6: audio

I just found out that I have an extension to finish and I 'm home sick. I just downloaded SoundCloud. I listened to a book review and will listen to a book later. I also like that I can record on this but I'm not sure what I would record. It is a nice feature, though. SoundCloud suggested recording a meeting...don't think so. Maybe when we go on vacation later this summer, I will forego a written journal, which I hate doing anyway and record thoughts about our trip on SoundCloud.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Web thing 7: content saving

Pinterest is SO addicting. I fel like I can find just about anything here! I have looked for paint colors, recipes, party decoration ideas, and even ideas about how to decorate my lambic cake for Easter. My daughter and I send each other diet friendly recipes from this app. I have a whole cookbook saved just on Pinterest. This is one of the best apps ever. I bet it even has some ideas about hosting Take Your Child to Work in the library!

Web thing 17: connecting to community

MN Museums is a great app. I searched for various types of museums in various cities. This would be a great tool for trips around the state as well as for discovering new museums close to home. I searched for zoos in Minneapolis and they gave me two close ones:Como Zoo and the Raptor Center. I will definitely use this one!

Web thing 19: hobbies

I downloaded MyGarden. I like the concept. You can view different plants and get some facts about, what kind of work they requires, how big they get. You can also see the other " garden ears" on the site and ask them questions or follow their posts. It appears to me that the site is relatively new. There were some postings such as Joe wants to have the photo of this plant identified but then I can't see a photo of the plant in question. Maybe it just wasn't working today. I like the idea of sharing info about gardening with others, though.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Mobile thing 11: library & reference

LOVE ELM so I took a look at the mobile version. I remember working at the Minitex booth at e State Fair years ago and grabbing kids out of the aisles to look at Research Project Calculator. I still plug ELM frequently in my medical library. It is a tremendous resource!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Web thing 18: education

Lots of interesting apps to try in this category. I tried :Duolingo and started relearning Spanish. The lessons are short so it is easy to set a daily goal to do one each day. There are fun ways to test your knowledge and. Corrections if you miss a word. I will continue to use Duolingo.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Web thing 12: bookb, books and more books

I downloaded Audiobooks..good app. One can get free books, free books with inexpensive upgrades or pay for books. Lots of different languages and tons of titles. I'm not sure that I would want to listen to Gray's Anatomy on audiobook, but someone might, I guess! I downloaded Treasure
Island but didn't like the marrator's scratchy voice. I will look for another classic free book to listen to on those nights when my eyes are tired and I just want to feel a little pampered by having someone read to me. AHHH, bring on the hot  tea and the lavender eye pillow!